Email Inbox

Dealing With Email

Here is one way to organize email. I think this is based on "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. I know that Merlin Mann is a fan of this approach. Look at Merlin's site, Inbox Zero, or 43 Folders.

  • action folder
    stuff that requires more attention than you can give it right now

  • archive folder
    stuff that you may want to look at later.

  • trash folder
    stuff you never want to see again.

  • get rid of everything else
    this is refering to folders or labels in gmail.


  • Delete

  • Delegate Forward to someone > proactive > follow-up

  • Respond One or two line reply not more than five sentences

  • Defer

  • Do

(these process bullets need to be expanded)

From John Schumacher

"This happens in yoga classes, too. Students come to class week after week. They watch the teacher. They watch the other students. Much of their experience is essentially external. Even though their bodies are doing the poses, their minds are directed toward outside stimulation, comparisons with their classmates, the approval of the teacher.

I’m not saying they are bad students or that they are wasting their time. Of course, part of the reason we go to class is to take in information, to be guided toward an experience of something pleasurable or uplifting or challenging, to be inspired by our teachers. But at some point, for us to really touch the heart of yoga, these experiences must be internalized. And the only way to do that is to practice on our own."



The other day my sister asked me what I thought about Nia. I've never taken Nia. I think it's a combination of dance, yoga, martial arts movements set to music. Below is my response.

To me, yoga is a path to finding stillness. As you know, I've been chasing after yoga for more than 20 years. A fusion dance class with all the elements you mentioned would agitate my mind.

I get that it's important to move. Movement is essential. If you like the class, that's great. After a day of sitting, or lecturing, you need to move to shake it all out. I need other things. Lately I've added bodyweight exercises that I can do at home. I use an app, on my phone. It times me, tells me what to do, and there are 3 fitness levels. That, yoga, swimming, and walking.

Then it comes down to getting good quality rest, and nutrition. Whew!